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Don't Worry About CNY Cookies

If you’re looking for fresh food of the highest quality combined with the comfort and convenience of home delivery, then you’ve come to the right place. Crystal Peanut is the go-to Cookie Delivery Program to Singapore, offering an affordable and worried-free options to satisfy everyone’s cravings.

1. Pick Your Favourite

Order your cookies on this website as usual. Just Remember order before 20 Jan 2022!

4. Come and Pick

You will get notified when departure and arrival, just come and pick in specific dates!

2. We Gather & Prepare

All orders will be gathered and prepared just before shipping date, 100% Fresh!

5. Happy New Year

Enjoy our fresh and affordable cookies from Crystal Peanut. Happy New Year!

3. Sending Out

We sends them to our cooperate partner's place in Singapore, handle with 100% care.

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