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About the packaging of products, the images shown here are indicative only. If there is inconsistency between the image and the actual product, the actual product shall govern. Relevant parameter will be updated if any change has been made.

*Huey Sey Enterprise is no longer used by Crystal Peanut King. All products are sold by Kacang Permata Kristal Enterprise. The information of packaging may haven't changed.

Q: Why we can only use Paypal as online payment? Is there any accepted payment?

A: Due to Restriction of the Website Platform. We can only link Paypal as convenient online payment. We are sorry to bring this inconvenience to our beloved customers and we are trying to request to authorities for additional & more convenient ways as our payment option. But we still have an manual payment method to checkout order. Select manual/offline payment and transfer the amount to certain bank account through ATM or online transfer. Then, remember send your proof (like picture) to or whatsapp to +60197550118. We will confirm your order as fast as possible.

Q: Why we are recommended to consume products within 1 month. How many days can we stored?

A: As you know, most of our products are handmade products, no any additive and preservative included, you may consume our products before expired date, but we highly recommended to consume within 1 month to ensure the freshness of the product.

Q: How do we receive our order after shopping online?

A: We provide shipping in Malaysia (West & East) and Singapore. There are two (2) types of delivery mode for you to select from:

•  Pick-up Service

•  Home Delivery Service​

​Q: How do we know our order is ready to pick-up? What should we prepare to pick-up?

A: Once your order is ready for pick-up, you will receive a email notification on your order Collection details. Please kindly provide your order ID and Identity Card ( IC ) to pick-up your order.

Q: What will happen if we didn't pick-up when notification had been sent more than 14 days.

A: Pick-up order that has not been collected after 14 days will then be returned and there will be refund provided.

Q: Can we choose other carrier providers? How?

A: Yes you can. If you have special demand on shipping, you may email or call us. We will contact our staff to make the change online, but fee may be changed based on the price of shipping fee given by carrier providers. 

We are also looking for lower price of shipping cost, if you have any suggestion please inform us without hesitation. We will appreciate for your kindness.

Q: I have VIP Card. Can I still have discount on website?

A: Yes you can. You can get discount on website, but due to restriction of website platform, we have to adjust price manually. Please contact us before checkout. We are sorry to bring this inconvenience to our beloved customers and we will discuss this issue.

Q: How to apply VIP Card.

A: Sorry, currently we are not accepting VIP Card registration. Our VIP Card was limited released on 2011, until all give out.

Q: I am interested in cooperation. How do I contact you?

A: For cooperation purpose, please call or whatsapp +60102626382 or email to

Q: I am Singaporean, is there delivery to Singapore and minimum amount?

A: We are now temporarily providing delivery service to Singapore without minimum amount. The service is still in testing stages. The shipping fee will also be counted based on the shipping rates by the shipping company and the fees can be shown in checkout page.

If you have friends or siblings in Malaysia, we highly recommend you to deliver to their place to get cheaper shipping fees.

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