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Every 4 PuShenWan will get one more free!


3 Questions:

Do you want to maintain your health?

Have you chosen the right product?

Do you have any trouble as shown below?


Steroid Free

Painkiller Free

GMP Certified

Ministry of Health Malaysia Certified

Herbal Product

Quality Guarantee by Crystal Peanut King



Back Pain, Blood Circulation;

Uterine Cold ( Pu Shen Wan ), Low Libido;

Premature Ejaculation ( Da Pu Wan );

Menstrual Pain ( Pu Shen Wan ), Foot Pain;

Frequent Urination & Heavy Odour;

Anti-aging, Retain Healthy, Insomnia, Forgetfulness;

Vitality & Anti Pigmentation; 

Reduce Cholesterol;

Numbness of Hands & Feet


Suitable for all. No side effect. Consume 2-4 tablets in the morning with empty stomach. Drink more water. Pour water with 10-50 seeds of Goji Berry at night for better result.

Prohibited for pregnant woman. Not suitable for menstruation woman & children below 12.

Pu Shen Wan / Da Pu Wan Herbs Capsule 补肾丸/大补丸

  • Ingredients:

    Radix Panax Quinquefolius

    Radix Panax Notoginseng

    Radix Polygonum Multiforum

    Rhizoma Dioscorea Opposita

    Rhizoma Drynaria Fortunei

    Semen Euryale Ferox


    Please keep away from sunlight.

    Drink more water.

    Prohibited for pregnant woman. Not suitable for menstruation woman & children below 12.

  • We make shopping at Crystal Peanut King ( Kacang Permata Kristal Enterprise ) easy and convenient for you! We provide shipping in Malaysia (West & East) and Singapore. There are two (2) types of delivery mode for you to select from:

    •  Pick-up Service

    •  Home Delivery Service

    For Pick-up Service

    Once your order is ready for pick-up, you will receive a email notification on your order Collection details.

    Please kindly provide your order ID and IC to pick-up your order.

    Pick-up order that has not been collected after 14 days will then be returned and there will be refund provided.

    For Home Delivery Serivce

    Our products are shipped within 1-3 Days using the following carriers: Pos Laju, JT Express or personally.

    Please contact us if you have other special demands on your shipping. The extra fees for special service from authorities will be charged by buyer  (if needed). 

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